Frequently asked questions

What is Website to App?

Website to App is a service that converts your site into a completely working mobile app for iOS or Android. 

How long does it take to make my app?

We usually take less the a day, unless its weekend. 

How can I update my app when website updates

Your app will auto update each time you add content or update website

What is needed to create app from my website?

We will only need your website address, logo and name of app.

What will be the design and UI of my app?

It will be same as your website. But it will be an app that has to be installed.  You can check examples here.

Can we publish the app on App store and Google play?

Yes, that the reason for making the app, We will give you videos how you can do it very easily. 

Is there any monthly fees

You have to pay only once, nothing else. You can check our pricing here.

Does app support Push Notifications

Our iOS and Android apps both support Push Notifications.

How can I contact you?

You can email on [email protected] or whatsapp on 919481635969